Our Impact

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Our mission is to award scholarships to individuals who have successfully overcome adversity; to recognize their accomplishments; and to motivate them to pursue higher education.


Who We Are

Yesterdays unwavering, dedicated students, community members, tradesman and children who reached their goals in spite of ... and who want to ensure that today's youth, faced with the same obstacles, have the chance to embrace opportunities through their own self-empowerment thereby creating a future that we are all proud to say we intentionally had a part in!


Who We Serve

Individuals who are making it anyway. Those of you who faced what seemed like insurmountable odds: neglect, foster youth, abuse, homelessness, mental and physical handicaps, adjudication, learning disabilities, questionable citizenship; and remain resilient, working towards your future, blindly believing in the power of never giving up!


What We Do

Empower you to exceed your own expectations by providing the realistic, deliberate, day-to-day tools and mentorship necessary to reach your goals and turn around and share the secret to personal triumphs with someone else... COMMUNITY!